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Funnel Scripts by Jim Edwards & Russell Brunson

To be successful in marketing whether it be online or off-line mastering sales copy is a must! 

No matter what your business, product or service then producing awesome high converting sales copy can be lethal!

No matter whether your creating copy for a product listing on Amazon, creating a video script or writing a short or long form sales letter then writing great copy is a must for your business.

Knowing what pain and buying points in your prospects are is crucial. Crafting your copy to meet their needs is a highly reputable skill. Gaining this skill can be very time consuming and tedious with disappointing results if not done correctly. You could always hire a copywriter but great copywrites can charge up to $10,000+ for one piece of copy. Many small business owners can’t afford to pay that so that isn’t an option.

Also, small business owners are extremely busy as a result of taking on more than one role in the business. This leaves little time to do anything else, let alone learn copy!


What is Funnel Scripts?

Not Got Time To Learn Copywriting??… Check Funnel Scripts!


Funnel Scripts is made by ClickFunnels Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards. It’s an easy to use copywriting platform which can massively help write compelling copy for a whole variety of products and services. It is just a matter of answering questions with answers tailored to your target market. Once you have answered the questions (filled in the blanks) it creates professional, high converting sales copy for your business. Therefore saving you time and money from hiring copywriters or buying any copywriting courses.

Funnel Scripts is not like any other copy tool we have come across. Other contenders seem to spit out garbage with no real thought about the prospects we are trying to sell too.

The variety of scripts available in Funnel Scripts almost guarantees that you will find a suitable script for your product/business.

Once you find a suitable script in Funnel Scripts the questions that you answer by filling in the boxes, not only dig deep into what your prospect wants and needs, tapping into their pain points creating a great piece of sales copy aimed directly at your target market. You really can create great pieces of copy without hiring an expensive copywriter or even sitting through a copywriting course!

As mentioned before Funnel Scripts is a really great tool not only for people with no copy writing experience but it can also helo seasoned copywriters who maybe would like to try different ways of writing copy.

One of the most common questions about Funnel Scripts we get asked is, ‘What does Funnel Scripts do?’

We have broken it down for you and explained some of the features available in Funnel Scripts.

In a nutshell these are some of the features available once you invest in Funnel Scripts:

  • Long Form Sales Letter
  • Short Form Sales Letter
  • Write Sales Copy For Physical Products eg. Amazon & Ebay Listings
  • Squeeze Page Scripts
  • Headline Generator
  • Perfect Webinar Scripts
  • Star Story Solution Script
  • Long Form Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Short Form Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Master Class Script
  • E-mail Scripts
  • Email Headline Generator
  • Testimonial Scripts
  • And Much, Much More!

Funnel Scripts Pros and Cons

Easy To Fill Forms

Funnel Scripts is very easy to use. It is laid out in the format shown below:

Funnel Scripts Clickfunnels

Just a Case of Answering the Questions 

As you can see from the images above, it is just a case of answering the questions and filling in the boxes. It does require a bit of thinking but the results are well worth it.

Also if you are not sure about how to answer the questions}, there is a button you can click and it will fill the boxes with a pre-made example. This can really help if you get stuck or are just simply not sure| what to write. This function is great if you have no clue where to start. It certainly gets the creative juices flowing!

– Funnel Scripts Saves You Time & Money.

Funnel Scripts has been created by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards. Both are very successful online marketers and great copywriters. They know the sales process inside out and know what questions need to be asked/answered in order to get a prospect to take action. The sequence of questions/boxes that need filling in Funnel Scripts are not just random. They have been carefully selected using Russell & Jims years of copywriting experience which are being passed down in the Funnel Scripts. This ultimately saves you a lot of time and will save money as you will not need to spend on copywriting courses. The whole funnel scripts platform is pretty much a done-for-you copywriting service which you can modify and adapt make it perfectly tailored to your product/s by just simply filling in the blanks.


– Anyone Can Use Funnel Scripts

No matter what your product/service is there will be a script in the Funnel Scripts platform that will be suitable for you. The best thing about it is, no matter what stage you are or how little you know about writing sales copy you can dive right in and have a sales script written in as little as 20mins (this will vary depending on the script you use).

It is not just the sales scripts that anyone can use but one of the other great features such as the ‘Headline Generator,’ and the ‘Profitable Title Scripts.’ These can help you just to get you creative juices flowing and start to brain storm ideas for your product/services.



– Funnel Scripts Training Videos Are Always Being Updated + You Get Access To Funnel Fridays!

Another great feature about Funnel Scripts is that Russell & Jim also do a feature called Funnel Fridays.

Funnel Fridays is where Russell & Jim create a sales funnel/sales page usually within a specified time limit (around 30mins or so). They use Funnel Scripts to create all of the copy for the & Headlines to create the page/funnel. This demonstrates how quickly you can create a high converting sales page using funnel scripts no matter how much you hate/suck at writing sales copy.

Along with Funnel Fridays there is a whole library of training videos & support which is constantly getting updated. So if you get stuck on a script or are unsure which one to use for your business then the answer you need usually isn’t hard to find.

– You Can Edit & Modify The Scripts in Funnel Scripts

The scripts created in funnel scripts are great but they are also fully editable if you wanted to change anything. You can also save send the script as an e-mail straight from the software. Also when the script is created you can click a button and cycle through different wording options that it creates. This is great to easily see which bit of copy is right for you!

Funnel Scripts Disadvantages

Funnel Scripts produces some brilliant, high converting copy. As the copy is automated the scripts do need proofreading sometimes (which can be done by yourself. No need to hire a proofreader!) and some light editing to make the copy sound perfect. This can sometimes be down to user error such as filling in the boxes wrong. But all in all, I don’t think this is a deal breaker for this amazing copywriting software

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts has recently changed its pricing structure. It used to be $497 pain annually. At the time if you didn’t continue the subscription each year you would no longer be able to log in and use the software. The new price for Funnel Scripts is $797 and that is for unlimited access forever! You also get these exclusive bonuses when you invest in Funnel Scripts:

  • Live Monthly Coaching with Jim Edwards ($6,000 Value)
  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass ($1,997 Value)
  • Funnel Script Blueprints ($997 Value)
  • Dotcom Secrets & Expert Secrets Scripts ($118,400 Value)

Funnel Scripts is a cloud-based tool. When you invest in Funnel Scripts you will be given a username and password which you will use to log in. You can log in on any computer anywhere in the world and still have the power to write awesome sales copy at your leisure.

It is a very versatile and easy to use to anyone. Even if you are no good at writing sales copy or you haven’t got the time to learn, then Funnel Scripts is definitely worth considering. All of the hard work has been done for you and it literally is just a case of filling in the blanks.

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson have ongoing training, giving you the best tips and lessons on how to use the software. 

Using Funnel Scripts is like killing  2 birds with 1 stone (pardon the pun). You get to write awesome sales copy but at the same time learn the process and patterns that appear in writing awesome sales copy, therefore, improving your copywriting skills tenfold!

Funnel Scripts Demo


Here is a video by Jim Edwards using Funnel Scripts. It should give you an idea of the format that is used in the software.

Funnel Scripts has a vast selection of sales scripts which can be used in different businesses. We have gone through the software and picked out some of scripts and given you a break down of what they are about.

The Epiphany Bridge Script

One of the great scripts in Funnel Scripts is the Epiphany Bridge scripts (pg 91 in Expert Secrets).

Funnel Scripts has 2 x versions of this script. It has the short form Epiphany Bridge script and also the Long Form Epiphany Bridge Script.

The Epiphany Bridge script is a script which tells a story that takes people through the emotional experience that got YOU excited about the new opportunity that you are presenting to them.

One saying about sales is:

‘Logic doesn’t sell. Emotions Sells’

That is the idea of the Epiphany Bridge Script is that your story about your product/service provides the emotional connection, and bridges the gap from emotional to logical side.

Of course doing this can be quiet difficult and take a while to master but using Funnel Scripts you are prompted to answer the right sequence of questions to get you a perfectly well crafted Epiphany Bridge script tailored to your business



Facebook Ad Copy

If you use Facebook Ads for your business Funnel Scripts also has scripts to craft the perfect Facebook Ad Copy for your business.

It creates copy for different types of prospects. Whether they are a cold lead, warm lead or a hot lead for your business (Cold – Means they have never heard of your product – Warm means they are aware of the product or business but unaware that they need it – Hot lead means that they are actively searching for your product and they need to buy it). It creates 3 versions of the copy which can then be used to talk to your target market.

With the Facebook Ad Copy it creates the Headline, Description and everything else you need to create a High conveting Facebook Ad!

You can see the video below to see the Facebook Ad Copy Script in action!

Lead Capture Script

The lead capture script is the perfect script generator to create effective copy for your Squeeze Pages. If your running a lead generation campaign and collecting e-mail address to build up a list then this script can help massively.

You can see the lead capture script in action below:


Who What Why How Scripts

If you want to create sales copy which just cuts to the chase and highlight the main points of your offers then this is a great script generator. Thi scripts is great used in offere such as Free plus shipping offers or low end sales

The Script includes:

  • Your name
  • Your company
  • The Bait (What your offering)
  • The title of the product
  • The big pay off of using your product service
  •  What you want them to avoid ie, obstacles, hurdles
  • The big takeaway of what your giving them
  • Why are you giving it away
  • The offer deadline


Funnel scripts is a great tool for beginners and people who just don’t have time to learn copy. It can also help seasoned copywriters learn a find a new angle for writing sales copy in any campaign.

It is the perfect tool for small business owners who don’t have the funds to hire expensive copywriters and would rather keep everything, ‘in house.’ Being so simple to use you don’t really need any technical knowledge of how to use it. As long as have an internet connection you can use Funnel Scripts anytime, anywhere.

It focuses on your target niche, target customer, their needs and obstacles in the way, their goals etc and produces so great copy no matter what your business is. Funnel scripts is so much more than just sales letters and I believe it will have a script which will help in more than one aspect of your business.

The lifetime access price of $797 is a bargain taking into consideration what you get. Russel Brunson and Jim Edwards are seasoned marketing pros and you can leverage their copywriting expertise through Funnel Scripts!

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!



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